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As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, always lay your baby on its back for safety. Keep your baby in prone position for a certain period while your baby is awake. Create games to keep your infant in different positions. Encourage them to crawl, to turn on their back, to push, to pull, to catch and to hold the objects. 

Before going to bed, the baby should be placed on its back.  The head should be positioned in the opposite direction of the flat area.

Amerikan Pediatri Akademisinin tavsiye ettiği gibi bebeğinizin güvenliği için her zaman sırt üstü yatırın.

Do prone activities with your baby many times during the day while your baby is awake and with you.

If your baby's neck muscle is short (Torticollis), and therefore the baby’s head lies constantly in only one direction, ask help from a physiotherapist.

Try to keep the use of vehicles such as a pram, car seat, cradle and slinging cradle limited and short.

If you do not see an improvement in your baby’s deformity by repositioning your baby’s head, doing exercises, and prone activities, then you should contact us for a consultation regarding STARband  Treatment.

Download our "Tummy Time" booklet at and follow the recommendations there. You will find it informative! (Click for Tummy Time)


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