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Sagital sutür sinostoz (sagittal suture synostosis) en çok rastlanan tek sutür (kapalı) sinostoz tipidir ve ağırlıklı olarak erkek yeni doğanları etkilemektedir.

Sagittal suture synostosis is the most common type of suture synostosis and predominantly affects male newborns. The closed suture is located at the midline on the top of the skull. The suture extends from the fontanel to the back of the head. The head shape is long and narrow due to sagittal synostosis. It is also known as scaphocephaly. As the head grows in this long and narrow direction, the back of the head becomes pointed and prominent, while the forehead protrudes outward. The risk of abnormal brain growth is low. 


Kapalı sutür kafatasının üst kısmındaki orta hatta bulunmaktadır.
Sagital kraniosinostozun endoskopik tedavisi iki küçük kesikten yapılır.



The endoscopic treatment of sagittal craniosynostosis is made by two small incisions. One of the cuts is located just behind the anterior fontanel and the other is located further behind the newborn's skull. Endoscopes are used to expose the upper and lower parts of the skull, including the affected suture. Furthermore, the corresponding bone is removed with the aid of an endoscope. In this way, the baby's brain and skull are free to grow and regain their normal shape.


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