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A New STAR is Born

Introducing STARband® 3D

Unveiling the latest breakthrough from Orthomerica—the STARband 3D!This advanced piece stands as the latest member of the STAR Lineup of cranial reshaping devices. Our relentless dedication to enhancing cranial treatment initiatives and securing outstanding clinical results for infants requiring this therapy is evident in this product.

With a legacy spanning over a quarter-century as the foremost name in cranial solutions, we recognize the distinct needs of every infant. Seven unique designs from the STAR Lineup are tailored by cranial specialists to cater to the specific requirements of each baby and their family.

Support for STARband clinical initiatives is grounded in over 40 independent scholarly articles. Our yearly STAR Convention remains the leading clinical symposium centered on infant cranial abnormalities and reshaping schemes. A span of 25 years of clinical partnerships and design enhancements has elevated the STARband to the pinnacle as the most recommended cranial reshaping device globally.

The STARband 3D epitomizes our enduring devotion to these unique young patients. Leveraging 3D printing, we provide diverse design adaptability, uphold the required structural strength with a lighter footprint, and reduce ecological impact with green materials.


  • Made with the latest additive manufacturing technology

  • Crafted using cutting-edge additive production techniques

  • Progressive adaptation mechanisms evolved over 25 years of expertise with over 600,000 STARbands

  • Adaptive padding ensures flexibility throughout the therapy duration

  • Precision trim finishes

  • Dual-valve design simplifies application/removal

  • Featherlight and snug

  • Enhanced ventilation for superior breathability and temperature regulation

Experience the evolution with Orthomerica’s STAR Lineup of cranial reshaping devices, especially our groundbreaking STARband 3D!

Download our "Tummy Time" booklet at and follow the recommendations there. You will find it informative! (Click for Tummy Time)


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