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  • Orthomerica, maker of STARband, has been the world's largest and most reliable manufacturer of cranial remolding orthoses (helmets) since 2001.

  • So far, more than 600,000 infants have been treated with STARband helmets.

  • Active STARband helmets are custom-made according to the type of head shape deformity, the severity of the deformation, and the age of the infant.  Creating the helmet involves a high degree of expertise with the use of state-of-the-art technology in order to ensure your baby’s health, safety and clinical outcomes. The treatment process is also evaluated frequently by Cranial technicians. 

  • The aim is to have a short, trouble-free and comfortable treatment process.  From day one, as soon as your baby starts wearing the STARband, it begins to work its magic.  This is due to its unique design and custom fit, which is achieved with 0.1% accurate measurements taken by the STARscanner and SmartSoc 3D systems.  

  • The STARband is FDA approved! Each of the 5 types of helmet models, specifically designed for the head shape deformity, is approved for public use on the patient.

  • In addition, depending on the severity of the deformity measured by the FDA-approved STARscanner and the age of the infant, cranial specialists can properly determine if your baby's head shape deformity requires a position change, physiotherapy, or STARband active helmet therapy.  (Click for the Severity Table)

  • STARband is a cranial remolding orthosis approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) for use in the US and worldwide. Its effectiveness, safety, and registration information are strictly regulated and periodically audited.

  • The FDA requires that certain criteria be met when approving STARband active helmets. These criteria include:
    - The effectiveness of the helmet, backed by research, on the correction of a deformity 
    - The neurological development of babies should not be restricted by the helmet
    - The use of materials in the manufacturing of helmets should not irritate the skin
    - The design and manufacturing of the helmets should meet set-standards
    - After the helmet is fitted, periodic controls and monitoring of the STARband treatment should be done by trained and certified cranial technicians.

  • Please note that the STARband active helmet treatment is only possible between 3-18 months of age.  The ideal age to start treatment is between 4-6 months!

  • Apart from some very extreme head shape deformities, treatment requires the use of only one STARband helmet.

  • The STARband helmet treatment has a success rate of 95%.

  • Active STARband helmets are a pioneer and leader in correcting head shape deformities of infants who have undergone endoscopic craniectomy surgery. Endoscopic craniectomy surgery is a minimally invasive technique unlike cranial vault remodeling-CVR (open surgery).

  • In addition, there are STARband helmets that are used specifically after CVR (Cranial Vault Reconstruction) operations to solely protect the skull and ensure its proper development. STARband protective helmets are more economical than corrective STARband family models.

  • The STARband family of helmets are the first cranial remolding orthoses to be approved by the FDA for post-op craniosynostosis.

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